Kyari Resort

Welcome to Jim Corbett National Park that offers the splendid colors of nature blending into each other and giving a mesmerizing view to your eyes. Land into Kyari Resort and experience what city life has snatched away from you. Get ready to embrace the fusion of flora & fauna while dancing on the songs sung by birds and beauty of magnificent landscapes across the valley. Kyari resort has designed each brick that let you escape reality and get transported to another world of authentic beauty. 

Kyari Resort has got a place for everyone under the sun. Get to be amazed at the wide diversity of plants, animals, and wildlife that are marking their presence while sticking to each other through thick and thin. Kyari Resort is another name for nature because it presents all the rooms named after the birds that have reigned this land. So, you might want to spend your nights of ecstasy in Ghughuti room (The Spotted Dove) to feel the peace inside out.

 Kyari Resort has designed its cottages to give you goosebumps when you enter the resort and an experience full of memories when you choose to leave the space. 


Cottage for Couple: These cottages are crafted to offer you ample space while giving you a raw experience of living in the village. These cottages have a fragrance of love because we understand your privacy. With an attached bath and 24 hours hot and cold water supply, these rooms are fit to meet all your needs.


Cottage for Three: We know how trio works. For the three of you who are looking to make the best of your life, be it a bachelorette, an escape to jungle or a road trip turning into the exposure of jungle, we have these rooms designed with the authentic village feel. The queen-sized beds and the comfortable furniture makes it worth living in this den of beauty.


Cottage for the Family: Yes, we understand your family vacation spree and we have crafted these cottages for you to enjoy the local taste. The curtains made from fine strips of cane, the rough texture of the walls, the village feel with Kumaon theme are enthralling and they blend with nature’s beauty perfectly. These three family cottages have two rooms each and a private balcony where you can enjoy the sweet little moments of your life.


 Trek and Breathe the Freshness: Find yourself in the thick forests where birds are singing in unison, the sun shines on you brighter and go for a walk on village-cart to begin the journey of amazement.

 Play like a Child: Do not worry about a tie around your neck and the presentations in a seminar, you can just bond with your pals here while laughing on the face of destiny. Run and run, not to win the game, but to lose it while finding the love for each other.

 Ride a Bicycle: Oh, how excited you are for this? Riding a bicycle on the land of jungles where wind strokes your hair and makes crazy noise to mount you with its love. And, its a game without rules. No restrictions, no deadlines because you are the winner of your own destiny here.

 A Walk to Remember: Away from the buzz of the city is a home that has no internet connection but loves to shape your mind with solace. Get ready for a walk in the village and join the locals there who are welcoming and caring. Make a mud pot or capture these moments in your camera. Learn to cook the local Kumaoni cuisine and enjoy the solitude in arms of nature.

 Paradise in Jungle: Get your cameras ready because Kyari Resort is a paradise of birds. It is home to more than 60 species of birds and they all are excited to welcome you every morning. Go for a long walk by yourself or with your partner and explore another side of the world.

Rooms Facilities Location Photo Gallery Video
Couple Cottage Wifi, TV, Freeze All Amenties
4500 3999
Cottage for 3 Wifi, TV, Freeze All Amenties
5500 4999
Cottage for Family Wifi, TV, Freeze All Amenties
6500 5999

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