Solluna Resort

Solluna Resort


Looking for a cosy getaway in the green hills of Uttrakhand? Warmly snuggled in the gorgeous Marchula valley of Ramnagar in Uttrakhand is this fine piece of 5-star luxury, The Solluna Resort. Wondering what ‘Solluna’ means, aren’t you? ‘Sol’ means the Sun and ‘Luna’ means the Moon while Solluna together offers you the breathtaking experience of seeing both the Sun and the Moon together at dusk. Apart from the taste of luxury, excellent valley view, lovely ambience and a lot more, the valley resort sits at the bank of the famous Ramganga river, adding another striking feature to your stay! Not just this, the 5-star property promises to be a delight for all your 5 senses! Isn’t that an exciting concept? Let’s explore it further.


The exciting range of rooms available here for accommodation is quite an attractive feature of the 5-star resort. There are a total of 5 wonderful distinctions available to choose from. Consciously based on the experiences that the natural retreat promises to offer, each cottage has been assigned a distinct name each based on the experience they come with.

Don’t worry, this wouldn’t be different to choose from as almost all the cottages have most of the services common. This clearly means that no matter what you choose, you wouldn’t have to compromise on the A-class services. A few of the luxury facilities include Durable AC, 24-hour hot water facility, a writing corner, a spacious wardrobe with a safety locker, and a shower with luxury toiletries as well. Apart from these, a mini-refrigerator and electric tea/coffee machine are there to add that extra fluffy cushion to your stay. 

The range of cottage includes:

-Superior Cottage 

The well-crafted room is a piece of art in itself. Given the name ‘The Calm’ is this rustic room deliberately given a rugged vibe. With insulated walls, wisely chosen for the highly comforting cottages, you are ensured of cosy warmth in winters and a cool calming effect that comforts you in summers. The wonderful raw interiors of the cottage blend well with the natural habitat outside, promising the perfect vibe of a Corbett stay. 

-Deluxe Cottage

Rightly given the name ‘The Touch’, this exquisite cottage has a distinct in-house rock garden to offer with pebbles and natural spring water dripping around. It stirs the sensation of touch with the natural texture of the rocks and softness of the pebbles further smoothened by water. The interior of the bathroom has a rocky feel to itself as well.

-Deluxe Cottage

This Delux cottage which comes with different attributes is named as ‘The Fragrance’. It has a sweet and delicate aroma filling the room and helps you experience the effect that your sense of smell can bring upon you. The interior of this cottage comes with floral pictures, a minibar, and an in-house pond filled with flowers and pebbles enhancing the aroma. Bathrobes are available too. 

Premier Cottage

This luxurious cottage called ‘The Sound’ enhances your sense of hearing. A huge water spring can be found in the cottage verandah, a lawn to listen to chirping birds, Maharja sofa, minibar and every top-notch luxury. The granite, raw pebbles and misty feel in the shower cubicle inside is one of the unique features here. 

Presidential Cottage

Placed at the highest resort point is this lavish cottage promising an absolute delight to your ‘Sight’. In-built luxury bathtub, clear glass windows, lovely scenery, royal setting, a private rooftop setting to enjoy the view, top-rated luxury setup and a romantic feel ensuring an unforgettable stay in the arms of nature (and your partner). Oh so perfect! Isn’t it?


The classic nature resort is conveniently built just 35 minutes from the Ramnagar Railway station. Enjoy a comfortable 6-hour train journey from Delhi to Ramnagar while the (pre-booked) cab from the resort awaits you right outside the station. While you soak the beauty of the sunlit valley on your short road journey, the resort will be reached in no time! Quick a kickstart to the vacation, isn’t it?


The high-end resort comes with a range of cottages based on the level of luxury each room offers. You can grab one for anywhere ranging between ₹5,000 to ₹10,000 and more. Definitely not a budget hotel but a real treat for an upscale vacation. 


The luxury resort has a wide range of experiences to offer by the virtue of the fantastic location it has. Let me ask you first that what experiences or activities are you expecting from a luxury retreat near the woods? Is a comforting space offering a convenient distance to the Corbett is what you are looking for? Or you are just excited to come and explore the rich wildlife here and have fun amid the natural habitat (I know you are). Whether it is a refreshing stay that you long for or your motive is to get a mental detox, a romantic vacation in the woods (Ah! don’t forget the soothing river!) or just a taste of this exciting combo of rugged terrain and exquisite setup; even if you want all of these in one single vacation then with Solluna Resort you are definitely signing up for a holistic experience. 

I am sure the adventurer and wildlife enthusiast in you along with the peace lover who doesn’t get to demand quite a lot has got the military bag packed already! Don’t forget those sunglasses!

Rooms Facilities Location Photo Gallery Video
Superior Cottage Wifi, TV, Freeze All Amenties
11500 11000
Deluxe Cottage Wifi, TV, Freeze All Amenties
13500 13000

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