Corbett Park Apart From Safari

Jim Corbett National Park has successfully pleased the majority of its tourists. When a royal Bengal tiger just goes out on a nice walk, emerging from the bushes, he surely brings out joy and cameras out. A giant cat crossing your path amidst the dark inexperienced foliage of Uttarakhand’s wild reserve could be a thrill in its own accord. However what Jim Corbett offers us is not solely restricted to the wild game found within the space, but, it’s within the air, the inexperienced hills, the deep jungle, the singing birds and therefore the tranquil watercourse, all merging along to create a particularly vibrant canvas. Hence, to celebrate this positive and serene environment of Jim Corbett National Park, we note down all the ways which explains Corbett Park apart from safari.

Kumaon’s Shades on Corbett

The loving nature and the richness of the Kumaoni culture increases the glory of the site. No doubt you will fall in love with the place in just a few days because of the aforesaid factors. On entering Ramnagar, the huge stretches of Deodars and Shals will welcome you. Keep walking as the sunlight kisses your skin with a little warmth. No matter where you choose your stay, these green trails of Uttarakhand will always offer sense of calm and peace. You will always feel close to nature – in your resort, on your way and of course in the national park.  

Irresistible Delicacies

When in Jim Corbett, always opt for the traditional Kumaoni delicacies. Breakfast is going to be a dazzling affair, who’s aroma is too delectable to handle. The picturesque Kumaoni hills will appear to be shrunken into a small plate. As you taste just some of the massive variety of cooking gifts the land supplies, flavours will start bombing. The indulgent food fills the palette with its distinct pahari flavours, stirred by mustard and cumin. Sisunaag saag and jhangora ki kheer are some of the most famous and appetizing traditional dishes of the land. The bhatt ki daal, aloo ke gutke, phanu will undoubtedly leave you craving for more and more.


In conclusion, the Kumaon hills, delectable food and a good stay is all you need to make your visit to Corbett memorable. Even if you are alone, the nature of the land is always there accompanying you. But if you are in the right company, your trip can totally go to a different level. The feels of Jim Corbett are truly some things worth experiencing at least once in your lifetime. And it’s relentless attempt to perpetually bump you with pleasant surprises is another.