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Nestled in the Nainital district of Uttrakhand is one of the earliest National Parks of the country, Jim Corbett National Park. Est. in 1936 as Hailey National Park, this diverse natural beauty is a part of the larger Tiger Project initiated by the celebrated conservationist Jim Corbett. Witness the magical combo of river belts, hills, lush greenery, grasslands, marshy depressions and a large lake in an adventurous safari of the dense jungle. With leopards, elephants and several mammal species, over 33 reptile species, a whopping 586 bird species, innumerable species of dragonflies and 7 distinct fish species, the magnificent Bengal Tiger range is the star attraction here, which you absolutely cannot miss!

Corbett Safari Booking Zones

Other wildlife zones which can be explored are :

i. Sonanadi Zone This zone is a part of the Sonandi Wildlife Sanctuary. The magnificent beauty of the lush zone is enchanting while it has a range of non-venomous snakes. The arrangements of the peaceful Japanese practice of ‘Forest Bathing’ can be made here too. As far as wildlife is concerned, elephants and tigers can be a spot here as well. It is the least explored zone & allows you to stay overnight for wildlife experience.

ii. Sitabani Buffer Zone It isn’t a Corbett zone but a Buffer area of the forest. It can be explored without any prior permissions from October to June-end. Its rich bird species and temples add to its popularity.

iii. Chaurs The grasslands near Bijrani zone add to the vibe of the green area. Some dense grasslands include Badhai & Ringora.

Jim Corbett Safari Price

Jim Corbett Jeep Safari Booking

Jeep safari is the most common & preferred way to explore the lush green forest of Corbett National Park. A typical jeep safari is an open Maruti Gypsy which can accomodate 6 adults and 2 kids however it can be only booked exclusively and you can not get an individual seat. You need to book the entire vehicle. Visitors can not enter any of the zones of the national park in their own private vehicles. Once you have obtained the permit to visit, you need to find an experienced & licensed vendor. To make the process hassle free, we have developed our web portal to request a booking online.

Jim Corbett Jeep Safari Booking
Pricing (Indian) INR 5,000/- Jeep
Pricing (Foreigner) INR 9,00/- Jeep
Timings Morning 6:00 AM – 10.00 AM
Evening 2:30 PM – 6:00 PM
Zones Bijrani/ Jhirna/ Durgadevi/Garjia
Sitabani & Dhela

Canter Safari Booking in Dhikala Corbett

Canter is an open mini bus which starts from Corbett Tiger Reserve office, Ramanagar & takes visitors to Dhikala zone. Canter safari is your only option if you are living outside of the forest or just willing to visit Dhikala for the day. Canter can accommodate up to 16 persons. Individual seats can be booked. Canter safari is only available for Dhikala zone.

Canter Safari Booking in Dhikala Corbett
Price(Indian) INR 1,600/ Person
Price(Foreigner) INR 3,000/ Person
Timings Morning 6:00 AM – 11.50 AM (approx.)
Evening 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM (approx.)
Zones Dhikala

How to Book Safari in Jim Corbett

Here is a 3-step guide to book your jeep safari most conveniently :

1. Get the Permits: You will first need government permits beforehand to enter the forest. You can obtain the required permits from Corbett Tiger Reserve itself.Now, this can be a little challenging process if you plan to get the permits before and then book the safari.So, you are advised to fill the form below and wait for our tour advisor to get in touch with you, who will further obtain your permits from the Corbett Tiger Reserve on your behalf.

2. Hire a Gypsy: Then you need to hire a gypsy for the safari through a licensed vendor. Once you reach there, you will see the jeep vendors lined up at various stands at short distances. You need to be careful with your research to pick the trusted vendor, guide and your driver.A lot of tourists are duped due to their lack of knowledge about the area as they are made to roam about in the buffer zone in the name of the jungle, and much to their disappointment, they end up spotting nothing. You are again advised to allow us to do the research for you and assign a top-rated guide, a trusted driver and a good-condition vehicle for a perfect safari experience.

3. Distance between the Safari Gate and your Resort: This is a very crucial step to be kept in mind as tourists often get exhausted by the long distances between their resort and the chosen Safari Gate. This lack of knowledge often creates possibilities of getting deceived by unethical vendors.

Booking Canter Safari in Jim Corbett

The process is almost the same, except, the canter safari follows fixed routes. So, you will either have to reach the Dhangadi Gate or the Corbett Tiger Reserve office in Ramnagar for your safari.

This does sound like a lot of work for a safari, no doubt about it. We would like to plan just the best experience for you without getting you worried about any of these hassles. For a safe, trusted and highly comfortable safari experience, you must leave it to our team of experienced locals to arrange nothing but the best for you and your family. With our:

  • Free pick and drop facility from resort to Safari Gate
  • Stash of fruits, water and other refreshments in our jeep
  • Trusted and patient drivers
  • Guides who are passionate about what they do, and
  • Comfortable jeeps
  • Your Corbett Safari trip is in safe hands.

Note: You are advised to book 1 month in advance to get the desired zone.


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