Dhikala Zone

About Dhikala : Home to one of the most spotted tigresses Paro is Dhikala in all its glory. It is nestled 30 km inside the forest, on the edge of the lovely valley of Patli Dun.

Entry Gate : Dhangadi Gate

Exploration time : 5 hours

ideal time to visit : Mid-November to Mid-June

Star Features : Being the largest Corbett zone, Dhikala is indeed the most popular of them all. What makes it most famous is the high potential of spotting tigers and the availability of rustic forest lodges. You can experience the wilderness from right amid the forest. Allow yourself to immerse in its natural beauty right under the stars. Ramganga river also channels here. You can not experience jeep safari in this zone if you are not staying inside one of the forest rest houses in Dhikala Zone however you can still opt for a canter safari to explore Dhikala.

Species you may spot : There are high chances of spotting the Bengal beauty and Leopards here. Apart from tigers, Deers, Elephants, Crocodile, Chital, Bears, Cobra, Indian Python, Doves and a lot more can be spotted here.