Tarangi Resort Corbett

Are you ready to discover yourself? Find yourself a home in the middle of jungle and dive deeper in Kosi River to explore the richness Tarangi Resort brings for the visitors. Dissolve yourself in the spirit of Jim Corbett National Park where birds welcome you with singing and wind promises an experience that you would not forget for life. 

A 6 hours drive from Delhi could be mesmerizing if you reach the natural grandeur of Tarangi Resort. Get ready for a weekend getaway and drive down to Jim Corbett National Park to find the best-in-class resort at your service. Away from the traffic noise, you will hear wind talking, water splashing, and the mountains echoing in sync with birds. 

You do not want to miss the 300 meters of riverfront because it is situated exactly on the banks of Kosi River. Engulfing a large area of 12-13 acres, this resort ensures the best experience for its visitors because the people here serve their hearts out and they walk an extra mile to make your stay more comfortable.

If a nature lover or a photographer is hidden beneath your city life, Tarangi promises the view to immerse in. With an accommodation of 50 rooms styled in 4 different varieties of 36 premium rooms, 8 river valley rooms, a 2 room pool suite and a 4 room whispering suite with private pool & river deck. You name it and we have got you all covered.

How about a private pool villa? Couples can add some flavor in their love life and have their own pool party surrounded by mountains. So now you can dance like ‘No One Is Watching’ but with a little twist, you can cuddle with your significant other in the pool. 

The river valley rooms perfectly compliment your love for nature because Nature Is Calling. Imagine hearing the water splashes while you read your favorite book and watch that movie you have forgotten about? River valley rooms will make it possible for you to live the dream and you can enjoy the serenity of water flowing while lying in bed and listening to the songs.

No artificial city buzz, because Tarangi has brought a river facing multi-cuisine restaurant for you to dig in. Hog on to your favorite food surrounded by the river, lush green trees and mountains. 

Add a comfortable experience to your list because you can walk in the gardens and sit there for hours while sunbathing. Have you tried planning a short trip with your friends but could not get away with crowded spaces? Here, you can relax and wake up the sleeping poet in you to write the best stories of your life.

If you dreamt of a destination wedding in a different style, we have got you covered. For your intimate moments, Tarangi Resort will help you host the most extravagant wedding in your budget and make your day a memorable saga for everyone. You can be assured of ambience and food because the people here attentively design each moment to cater to your expectations. You thought of walking your steps together in the arms of nature and this resort has made it possible with a little extra care. You can easily customize the theme, decorations, food menu and your wedding cake and Tarangi will add that special flavor in your big day. 

The professionals in the land of Tarangi will give you an exotic experience of Spa and the therapeutic specialists offer a mesmerizing experience for your comfort. You can just come and check-in, rest will be taken care of. Enjoy the secret of relaxation that promises your spirits to be rejuvenated.

From the luxurious interior to exotic views, you will live the dream as nature will never fail to surprise you with its magnificent art. Take leisure in this resort which is thoughtfully planned to deliver a peaceful experience to its visitors. If you have not planned a trip to Jim Corbett, now is the time to pack your bags and live your dream with naked eyes.

Highlights of Tarangi that you shouldn’t miss:

  • 36 Premium Rooms
  • 8 River Valley Rooms with an expanse river view 
  • 2 Suite Rooms with a private pool
  • 4 room set with a private pool & river deck
  • Multi-Cuisine river view restaurant
  • Spa & Wellness for comfort and rejuvenation
  • Big Sprawling Lawns for private parties and celebrations
  • Themes Destination Wedding area (both open and covered venues)
  • Swimming Pool
  • Open Gym
  • Kids Room to make it a complete family package
  • Spread in an area of 13 acres with a 300 meters riverfront
  • Situated on the banks of Kosi River
  • Open sit out with Barbeque Section
Rooms Facilities Location Photo Gallery Video
Sarang Rooms Wifi, TV, Freeze All Amenties
8500 8000
Deluxe Cottages Wifi, TV, Freeze All Amenties
11000 10500
Riverfront Cottages Wifi, TV, Freeze All Amenties
15500 15000

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