The Golden Tusk Resort

The oldest forest and home for Royal Bengal Tigers, Jim Corbett National Park is a perfect escape from the city buzz. At a distance of 5 minutes drive from Jhirna and Dhela Safari zones, surrounded by lush green forest, The Golden Tusk Resort is a go-to for travellers from around the world. Categorized in the different styles of suites, villas, and luxury tents, there’s an abundance of peace and luxury to give you relaxation and comfort.

Spread across an area of 8 acres, the rooms are crafted with traditional design, keeping in mind the heritage of India. The experience of the jungle will take away all your low moments and give you an enriching insight into the peaceful environment. 

The excitement increases manifold when you get to dine beside the pool and find the perfect accommodation of your choice.


Country View Suite: Here begins your ‘me’ time when you are at peace with your inner self. A magnificent view of the landscape and rooms opening to the garden have a sense of freshness that will give you a refrain from the smoke of the city. To the people seeking solace, there would be no home better than a country view suite.


Forest View Suite: A home away from home. Enjoy a cup of coffee in the fresh air or recite a poem to your loved ones on your own personal lawns in the forest view suite. When was the last time that you slept without worrying about the next day? This is an experience that you will live for, do not forget to breathe in the fresh air under trees. Watch the stars shining in the sky while you make memories with your people.


Luxury Tent: A gateway to heaven. It’s a dream come true moment when you get to go to the camping site but with the twist of a thick forest. Get ready to sleep inside your tent and feel the bliss of nature inside. Step into your personal lounge and make sure to count on these luxury tents that have a lot to offer.


Pool View Suite: Diving in water makes everyone happy, no matter how old you grow. One such experience at The Golden Tusk Resort awaits you where you can dive in, swim, and play inside your own personal pool. These rooms are designed for the adventurer in you, sit beside the pool and read your favourite book because it’s worth the experience. 


Villa: What’s fun without family? These villas are perfectly designed for you and your family that has a home within a home. It comes with a lounge, a dressing room, and a private garden to add the flavour of authenticity. Surrounded by plants, these villas have many sides to them, that would perfectly suit your needs.


Villa Grande: Are you ready to enjoy your vacation with your family? Villa Grande has a spacious bedroom with a view of the swimming pool and the roar of tigers at night makes these villas more special. Feel the roots of nature and catch up a breath of relief with your favourite and get mesmerized in the jungle with your favourite songs.


Tiger Suite: Where the peak of adventure speaks. 4 Tiger Suites have all the amenities you’d look for in a perfect lodging. These suites are ideal for a family or a group of friends who are looking to create some intimate moments. There are two luxurious bedrooms that open up to splendid views of the forest. The attached bathroom also has a bathtub to make it more special for you.


Dine In: How do you like to be served? In enclosed walls, open-air or in the middle of a pool? Yes, At The Golden Tusk Resort, you get to choose the dining style. Divided into 4 different categories, not only does it provides an amazing ambience, there’s deliciously cooked food for each individual to create a jaw-dropping experience. 


Events and Celebrations: Are you up for a corporate party or a big announcement of your life? At this resort, you will find the space for each special event that would add value to your celebration. The three banquet halls to suit the different needs of every individual, this resort is known for gatherings and conferences. 

Rooms Facilities Location Photo Gallery Video
Gardenview Rooms Wifi, TV, Freeze All Amenties
9500 9000
Luxury Tent Wifi, TV, Freeze All Amenties
10500 10000
PVilla Wifi, TV, Freeze All Amenties
13500 13000

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