Things to do in Jim Corbett

Things to do in Jim Corbett

Came into existence back in 1936, Jim Corbett is the oldest National Park in India. Known as a house of endangered Bengal Tiger, Jim Corbett is ruled by rare and exclusive wildlife species. It is situated amidst the foothills of the Himalayas in Nainital District and one of the prominent weekend getaways for thousands of visitors. Jim Corbett is known for its flora and fauna and is a treat for all the wildlife lovers and photographers. Together with its alluring beauty and the thousands of plants, birds, and animals, Jim Corbett has a lot more to offer. There are a lot of things to do in Jim Corbett that are perfect to make your experience unforgettable. 

We have mentioned all the top things to do in Jim Corbett in the below-given listicle. Check out the list and make your trip to Jim Corbett more exciting and fulfilling. 

Jeep Safari (Bijrani,  Dhela, Jhirna, Durgadevi)

Jeep Safari jim corbett tops the priority list of every tourist who visits Jim Corbett National Park. It has always been a major tourist activity of all time and is ideal for both the animal enthusiasts and ardent wildlife photographers. The national park is divided into five distinct zones, among which four zones can be explored through Jungle Safari. Riding on an open jeep and enjoying the exotic wildlife with the chill breeze is altogether an inexplicable experience. 

Among the four zones covered by Jeep Safari, Bijrani Zone is perfect for spotting Royal Bengal Tiger and offers enchanting scenic views.  Jhirna Zone is popular for its wild bears, elephants, and wide range of deers. Dhela Zone is a mix of topography and is admired for the extensive range of bird species. The Durga Devi Zone is a hilly landscape known for its tranquil and ample flora and fauna species. 

Timing: 6:00-9:00 A.M. (Morning) & 1:30-5:00 P.M. (Evening)

Cost (Per Jeep with up to 6 persons): INR 4,500 for Indians; INR 9,000 for Foreigners 

Best Time: Mid November to End of June

Canter Safari (Dhikala Zone)

For enjoying a day tour to Dhikala Zone of Jim Corbett, you have to book a Canter Safari for yourself. Canter Safari is a tour on an open bus with a capacity of 16 passengers. This zone does not offer a Jeep Safari for day visitors. However, the Canter Safari jim corbett is not open through the year as it is not safe to ride in the rainy season.

Dkhilana Zone is a prime example of natural beauty and picturesque landscape offering a plethora of wildlife. It is one of the largest zones on the Jim Corbett where you can cherish the beauty of a diverse variety of flora and fauna. This zone contains a number of Ramnagar river channels which is a lifeline of the national park. The rustic verdure and rich wildlife of Dhikala Zone lure the visitors to opt for Canter Safari. 

Timing: 5:30-11:30 A.M. (Morning) & 12:00-6:30 P.M. (Evening)

Cost (Per Person): INR 1,500 for Indians; INR 3,000 for Foreigners 

Open Period: 15th November to 15th June

Elephant safari 

Elephant Safari is one of the prominent things to do in Jim Corbett. Riding on the back of the elephant and discovering the beauty from 9-10 ft. height is altogether a phenomenal experience. An expert elephant mahout will guide the passengers all the way and take them through the designated paths so that all the expenses will be covered. 

You can ride in the Bijrani, Dhikala, and Sitabani Zones of Jim Corbett via elephant safari and can spot several mammals, birds, and species of reptiles. It takes one and a half hours to explore the jungle from the back of the elephant. Jim Corbett, however, banned the Elephant Safari last year but made the decisions to resume it again. Opting for Elephant Safari in jim corbett national park lets the visitors engross valleys, wildlife, lush green forest and is a special treat for all the tourists.

Timing: 6:00-8:00 A.M. (Morning) & 4:00-6:00 P.M. (Evening)

Cost (Per Elephant with up to 4 persons): INR 3,500 

A night in Forest Rest House 

Different Zones of Jim Corbett offer different rest houses for enjoying a night in the lap of nature. These rest houses provide a delightful experience with awe-inspiring surroundings and solitude. Spending a night in the rest house rewards the visitors amidst nature and variety of wildlife. It will be a thrilling experience to listen to the tiger’s roar, the chirping of birds, and the blowing wind in the silence of the jungle. Bijrani Forest Rest House, Dhikala Forest House, Malani Rest House, Sultan Forest Rest House are some of the prominent rest houses to spend your night in. 

Corbett Museum

Jim Corbett Museum is located in a bungalow at Kaladhungi. The bungalow in which the museum is located earlier belonged to a well-known tiger conservationist- Jim Corbett. It was him after whom this national park was named as Jim Corbett. It is a perfect spot to visit if you are keen to know about the national park and the famous conservationist. His personal belongings, letters, guns, paintings, manuscripts, antiques,  and more are kept in the museum. With this, in the museum, you can also find a variety of study material related to wildlife.

You can explore the museum throughout the year except on the occasion of Holi. While roaming around the museum, you will also spot a tiny local shop selling astounding hand-crafted items that will engross you. You can buy some local items from there as a souvenir. 

Timing: 8:00 A.M.-6:00 P.M. (Summers) & 8:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M. (Winters)

Entry Fee: INR 10 (Indians), INR 50 (Foreigners), and INR 3 (Students) 

Garjia Devi Temple 

Temple perched over a massive rock in the middle of Kosi river is one of the highly visited spiritual places in Jim Corbett. This shrine is believed to be the incarnation of Goddess Parvati- Garjia Devi. Thousands of tourists, every year, visit the temple to seek blessings. Visiting Garjia Devi Temple on Kartik Poornima is deemed auspicious and remains brimmed with devotees. Black granite statue of Lord Vishnu (Laxmi Narayan) stands in the temple which dates back to the 9th century. You will also find the idols of Ganesha, Saraswati, and Bhairo Nath along with Garjia Devi.   

Timing: 6:00 A.M.-12:00 P.M. (Morning) & 4:00-8:00 P.M. (Evening)

Entry Fee: No Fee

Best Time: November and December

Riverside Dining 

Having a meal alongside the flowing water, splendid mountains, and scenic beauty is a holistic experience. Along with the mouthwatering food for your taste buds, Jim Corbett has plenty to offer. Here, you can engulf yourself with the majestic beauty of mountains, the calmness of the flowing water, aromas of nature, and the gentle sound of the Kosi river together with the delicious delicacy. It will be an evocative experience having a riverside dining and is something that can’t be missed.

Ideal For: Family, Couples, and Friends

Bird watching

Jim Corbett is a paradise for bird lovers as the national park provides shelter to hundreds of domestic as well as international bird species. It is a home for more than 650 birds including the birds who came here flying from far away places. Bird watching is one of the interesting things to do in Jim Corbett and lets you capture the exotic beauty. Here, you can spot rare species like a finch, robin, forest dove, Siberian crane, hornbill, babbler, kingfisher, and more.

Entry Fee: No Fees

Best Time to Visit: November and December

River Rafting

For all the adventure lovers, River Rafting in jim corbett is one of the prominent things to do in Jim Corbett Park. You can play with the moving water in the Kosi River that flows alongside the national park. Along with strumming currents of water, while rafting in the river, you can enjoy the flamboyant beauty of mountains, forest, vegetation, and more. This thrilling activity is suitable for every individual irrespective of the age. It is avaialble at different grades as per the level of experience. However, river rafting can be enjoyed only during the Monsoon season when the water level is high. 

Best Time: July- September

Ideal For: Families, Groups, Friends


Cycling is by far the best adventurous activity to choose in Jim Corbett. It will be a unique and exciting experience to traverse the Jim Corbett on a motorbike. Roller coaster roads, dusty tracks around the agricultural fields, undisturbed trail of the national park has its own charm. You can easily rent for a motorbike and enjoy the breathtaking views and tranquil forest all the way. Special bikes with gears are available for motorbiking and are perfect for driving on the mountains. 

Cost (Per Cycle): INR 500-700 (price might vary with the renter)

Ideal For: Adventure lovers and physically fit individuals

Corbett Waterfalls 

There is nothing more visual than waterfalls and Jim Corbett is the ideal destination for the same. Corbett Waterfall is a scenic waterfall with dense teak forest all around. It offers an untold delight to the visitors. It is located 20-25 km from Ram Nagar and takes around 30 minutes to reach the destination. In addition to the beauty of Corbett Waterfall, the euphonious sound of falling water and birds chirping cajole the visitors. To remain safe from the crocodiles and snakes, all the tourists should behold the beauty from a safe distance without entering the water. Enjoying the eye-pleasing view of the waterfall and relaxing in the lush green forest with nature’s music is something that can’t leave without. 

Timing: 8:00 A.M.- 5 P.M. (All 7 days)

Best Time to Visit: November to June


Camping in jim corbett national park is once in a lifetime experience that you can enjoy in Jim Corbett. Spending a night in a camp in the middle of the dense forest is undoubtedly the most exciting thing a traveller can do. Jim Corbett is stretched over a large area and has multiple spots to enjoy camping. It will be a thrilling experience to discover untouched nature, an abundance of wildlife, a ravishing sky full of stars, and the breathtaking beauty of mountains from a camp. You can carry your own camp or book yourself one for enjoying a night in the lap of nature.

Cost (For 2 people): INR 2,500 with several inclusions (Approx.)

Best Time for Camping: Before or after the rainy season

Adventure Activities

Jim Corbett, along with a diverse variety of wildlife, is suitable for a number of adventurous activities. Devbhoomi Outdoor Adventure is a perfect getaway near Jim Corbett that offers everything to keep you excited. It has a number of adventurous activities with top-class safety and trained personnel. Here, you can enjoy Wall Climbing, Zip Lining, Water Roller, Bull Ride, Archery, and much more. It is a one-stop destination for several sports and fun activities. 

Ideal For: Kids and youngsters

Cost: INR 200-400 (Individual Activity); INR 500-1400 (Package) 

Timings: 9:00 A.M.-7:00 P.M.


Trekking in Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett awaits all the trekkers who love exploring the rugged tracks and dense forest by foot. Although trekking in the park’s core areas is not permitted, you can stroll around the Sitabani Zone. Sitabani is an ideal place to trek as the forest is densely inhabited and is perfect for enjoying the first-hand experience of Jim Corbett. While jim corbett national park trekking in the jungle you might encounter tigers, elephants, monkeys, jackals, and much more. If you are a nature lover and want to make your trip adventurous, then trekking is indeed one of the best things to do in Jim Corbett National Park. 

Entry Fee: No Fee

Ideal For: Families, Groups, and Adventure Lovers