Luxurious Getaway Guide To Corbett Park

Corbett Park has it all – diverse wildlife, heart throbbing views and loads of greenery. Hence, if you want to see nature from a close eye, go for soul searching in a peaceful environment or just to be in a short fun trip, Corbett Park has got you covered! But if you want to experience all these dazzling prospects of this site without costing comfort and luxury, do read our luxurious getaway guide to Corbett Park.

Aura of Corbett Park

Safari experience in jim corbett national park
Safari experience in Jim Corbett National Park

You won’t see the superb Royal Bengal Tiger before you on any sunny day, especially when in cities. And the picturesque sunset on the banks of the mid-year shallow Kosi, all while tasting your night tea. Subsequently, if you live in a big city, it’s all next to impossible. Rather you can easily spot long and big skyscrapers and plants which are used to decorate houses and cities. In Corbett Park, you don’t see that. Yet, what you do see is the sun setting on the waterway as you go for a walk. Along the outskirts of one of the greenest and generally serene resorts in Corbett Park, these views really are captivating. 

Ideal Accommodation At Corbett Park

The Riverview Retreat, which just added 30 rooms to its current 62, is one of the best spot for stay in Jim Corbett. The 62 rooms at the retreat are isolated among private manors of two, three, four rooms or free and duplex rooms. The estates come outfitted with independent passages and disregard a private nursery.

Riverview Retreat Jim Corbett National Park
The Riverview Retreat Jim Corbett National Park

The spot offers its visitors a cautiously curated determination of social exercises. Going from Kumaoni society exhibitions to live Bollywood or Sufi music, your entertainment is going to be the best. Each night, you have an alternate method to loosen up while tasting your mixed drink on the waterfront. 

Legitimizing its name to the Tthe Riverview Retreat brags of the biggest waterfront in Corbett. The mighty river Kosi is at a short distance from the moving yards of the hotel. The property is spread over a stunning nine sections of land and the greater part of the territory is committed to open spaces implied for diversion. 

The extravagance resort is home to perhaps the best eatery in Corbett, the Gurney House. The morning meal, lunch and supper buffets at Gurney House are undoubtedly rich. The other eatery in Riverview Retreat, Jim’s Grill House, is by the pool. As its name recommends, the barbecue is the main focus here. At the property, visitors can profit of the nonstop in-room eating.  

Visitors are offered an assortment of recreational exercises here, from swimming to natural life safari – which is the explanation vacationers rush Jim Corbett. For the more bold part, there is the choice of picking your action from a wide reach: rock-climbing, stream crossing, rappelling, pontoon making and such. 

From the Riverview Retreat, you can pick which zone of the public park to take a stab at tiger-spotting at. 

Resorts To Choose From

To complete your visit with a stay full of luxury and comfort, a luxurious resort would be necessary. We have listed only the best luxury resorts in Jim Corbett National Park here, just for you. Take your pick and Enjoy!

Time To Go

The vegetation spread in Jim Corbett, notwithstanding, is thick and it is typically hard to recognize the Royal Bengal Tiger. Attempt an outing inside mid-November and mid-June to design your Corbett occasion. That is the best an ideal opportunity to visit the public park

The days are usually intolerably sweltering in this piece of north India during summers. However, the nights are intended to be spent by the Kosi. The nights are moderate and blustery even in top summers.