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About Dhela : Located 15 km from Ramnagar, the Dhela zone is the newest eco-zone in Corbett. Spread in the lush 1,173 hectares, it is popular for its immense diversity of bird species. Entry Gate : Dhela Gate Exploration time : Up to 4 hours The ideal time to visit : It remains the entire year however heavy rain […]


About Jhirna : Nestled in Corbett’s southern periphery, the popular Jhirna zone is one of the most-visited zones here. With wild elephants, sloth bears and lush grasslands, Jhira offers clear visibility of the wildlife here. Entry Gate : Dhela Gate Exploration time : About 4 hours The ideal time to visit : October to June-end Star Features : Located 20 […]

Durga Devi Safari Zone

Durga Devi: Located 30 km from Ramnagar city, this eco-tourism zone can be explored on a hilly slope with rivers, bridges and so many rare species. Entry Gate: Durga Devi Gate Exploration Time: Up to 4 hours The Ideal Time to Visit : Mid-November to June-end Star Features: Not only is it home to the […]

Bijrani Safari Zone

Bijrani: One of the most visited zones is the Bijrani zone with both buffer zone and core areas. With fixed-route, a limited number of vehicles and fixed hours, Bijrani has a lot to offer to wildlife enthusiasts. 30 vehicles are allowed in each shift every day. Entry Gate : Amdanda Gate Exploration time : Up to 4 […]

Dhikala Zone

About Dhikala : Home to one of the most spotted tigresses Paro is Dhikala in all its glory. It is nestled 30 km inside the forest, on the edge of the lovely valley of Patli Dun. Entry Gate : Dhangadi Gate Exploration time : 5 hours ideal time to visit : Mid-November to Mid-June Star Features : Being the largest […]